Location-independent work strategies that benefit everyone

“38.9% of Canadian workers are in jobs that can plausibly be carried out from home.”

Statistics Canada

“Opening offices will be our decision, when and if our employees come back, will be theirs.”

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“Flexible models of work will shift focus from place to purpose.”

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Designing the Future of Work

Like most companies, you asked many or all of your people to work from home in response to COVID-19.  And like many companies you discovered that remote work turned out to be a good thing… sometimes.  As you build your ‘return to office’ plan, you want to continue to nurture the remote-work benefits. 

Optimal for many businesses will be a hybrid of the two. The five-day work week may generate the most productivity with some staff only coming in one day a week. While it will be different for each organization, the outcomes are clear… the future of the workplace has forever changed and if done well, will be for the better of staff, management and the business.

We can help you get there.

The Advantages of A Hybrid Workplace Model

Finding the optimal balance between remote and location-specific work is unique for each organization.

By understanding the organizational needs, infrastructure, processes and objectives, a solution can be architected to create a more profitable, sustainable and desirable workplace.

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New Business Improvements

  • Reduce disparity (perceived or real) between remote and place-based workers
  • Address security and privacy gaps
  • Improve collaboration
  • Preserve company culture while aligning to the future of work
  • Improve worker retention and morale
  • Reduce risk caused by misaligned policies and procedures
  • Maintain and improve business continuity
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Optimize physical-location strategy and costs

Addressing Challenges

  • Flexible work arrangements improve employee health and wellness.
  • Flexible work arrangements reduce physical location expenses
  • Flexible work arrangements enable the attraction and retention of top talent from anywhere
  • Flexible work arrangements mitigate operational risks and help business continuance

We Help Design the Future of Work

Move from crisis-management to sustainable plan

Long-term success depends on a comprehensive strategy

As you begin to ‘return to office’, continue to support your location-independent workforce with a flexible plan that identifies and mitigates the risks in security, privacy, health & wellness, collaboration, performance management, and physical location strategy.

A blend of location dependent and independent work, with the right plan for performance management, collaboration, and security can increase productivity and effectiveness.

We can show you how to use location independent work to reduce people costs through increased productivity and reduce operational costs.

Today, flexible work arrangements  are a ‘must have’ for a growing portion of the workforce but also removes geographic barriers to attract top talent.

Ensure a healthy, supportive and engaged remote and physical work place for employees
Increased productivity and reduced operating costs (smaller real-estate footprint).
Increased employee loyalty and retention and access to a global talent pool
Reduced disruption during times of crisis management.

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We can help design your future workplace

Whether you just begun exploring a hybrid workplace model (office-present and location-independent) or what to make sure your existing hybrid model is optimized for both your business and your staff, we can help.

We draw from our years of consulting experience, the latest research and industry expertise to ensure every one of the companies we help gets the solution that is right for them.