One Size Does Not Fit All

We work with you to build the best workplace solution for your organization

The challenges of achieving place-independence in your organization involve multiple factors.

Smeltz Consulting provides a holistic strategy and plan to guide your teams to their particular best fit of hybrid work.

Rather than address one piece of the problem – for example, by only setting up a software package and then leaving you on your own – we ensure you have a plan for all the components of place-independent work and a map to arrive at a destination that gets you the most benefits and fewest risks possible.  

Key Considerations

At Smeltz Consulting Group, we work with you to find the best place-independent work outcome designed specifically for your organization.

Our approach is to work each department to fully understand needs, processes, infrastructure and policies. This is achieved through subjective and objective data gathering and questions. 

There are seven key areas we focus on to ensure a comprehensive solution.

Collaboration and Engagement

Do your team leaders have the right tools to keep work coordinated and are they using the best techniques to lead distributed teams?
Are your people healthy, engaged, and productive?
Is everyone in your organization working in a way that is sustainable?

Performance Management

Does a shift to place-independent work mean a shift in how your organization measures performance, or do you already have a clear, outcome-based approach to performance measurement?

Technology Strategy

Is your technology plan sustainable for the long run?
Do you have the right ecosystem of hardware and software to keep everyone as productive as possible, regardless of where and when they are working?

Office Space Strategies

Are there opportunities for your organization to make your square footage even more useful to your workers, while also reducing costs?
How can hoteling or rotating schedules make working for your organization flexible and attractive?

Workforce Planning

Is your organization taking maximum advantage of flexible work arrangements to attract and retain the best talent?
Has each role in your organization been evaluated based on its level of complexity, interactions with other roles, and needed social supports to find its best mix of place-dependent/independent work?

Change Management

Are your people merely 'getting by', waiting for the crisis to end, or are they fully on-board with your organization's future direction?
Do clear plans exist for communicating that direction, no matter what happens next?

Security and Privacy

Are your people using the right tools and techniques to protect the security of information, even against bad actors who are taking advantage of the current abrupt shift to working from home?
Does work in your organization happen in a way that respects the privacy of people who work from home?

We help design the future of work

Whether you just begun exploring a hybrid workplace model (office-present and location-independent) or what to make sure your existing hybrid model is optimized for both your business and your staff, we can help.

We draw from our years of consulting experience, the latest research and industry expertise to ensure every one of the companies we help gets the solution that is right for them.