Our Culture

We know we are successful when we help others to be successful

Even as we were developing the concept for Smeltz Consulting, we made a commitment – that if we ever reached a point where we could not only comply with our values but actively promote them through the work we do, we would ‘close the doors’.  We are very proud of our values and have structured our business in a way that reflects this passion.

We value Accountability

Sometimes we will get it wrong and when we do, we will do our best to make it right. We will own our mistakes and learn from them.

We value Giving Back

Our success comes in no small measure from help we have received from many people and organizations throughout our careers. We will ‘pay it forward’ through monetary donations, volunteering in our communities, and mentoring others.

We value Fairness

We will be fair to our people, to our clients, and to ourselves.  We will always strive to provide more value to our clients than the payment we receive for our services.  We will compensate our people well for their effort, and will always promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.  We will balance the needs of our people with good business practices.

We value Respect

We will respect our people, our clients, our business partners, and our competitors. We encourage everyone to express their opinions and ideas, and we will be open-minded, curious, and attentive to those opinions and ideas.

We value Ethical Behaviour

We will always conduct business according to our values, the rule of law, and good ethical practices.

We exist to help businesses to succeed

Our team is passionate about designing the future of work. We are committed to leading people and organizations through a successful transition to that future. We care about the balance of fair profit and community investment.

We can answer your future-work strategy questions